Become a Smoke-Free Ambassador

Become a Smoke-Free Ambassador

Already a wellness advocate?

The University of Miami (UM) Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine is committed to promoting the health, well being and safety of the staff, students, faculty, patients, and visitors to our campus. Tobacco smoke is a proven health and safety hazard both to smokers and to non-smokers who are involuntarily exposed to the serious health risks of second hand smoke. Tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States and tobacco use is inconsistent with our healthcare mission. With that said, we will become smoke-free on or around March 2010.

Who can be a Smoke Free Campus Ambassador?

We would like to get the students and employees who share a common interest and practice of wellness in the work environment involved in this very worthwhile and healthy program. By becoming a Smoke Free Ambassador, you are empowered to approach smokers and would politely advise them that this is a smoke free campus. As an Ambassador, you will be the agent of change for a healthy environment. We are working on a Smoke Free Campus website where you can register on-line as well as watch 60-second vignettes about scripting yourself when you approach a smoker on the campus. You will also receive an ambassador’s package with FAQs brochure and tobacco cessation resources card to give away while advising a smoker.

Becoming an Ambassador will take very little of the already “very little” extra time you have, but will be a great benefit to those around you. For more information or to sign-up to become a Smoke Free Campus Ambassador, contact the Smoke Free Initiative office at 305-243-2847 or via e-mail at

Be a wellness advocate – helping others is a great way to reduce stress and motivate yourself!